Fairy tail review – the world-famous game. I will show you some PS4 gameplay in the Ferry Tail game and tell you all about good, bad and give you my personal opinion. so that you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth buying this game or not. So let’s jump right into it.

Fairy tail Game about

As someone who started watching Fairy Tail back in 2009, I do have a soft spot for this franchise, but you did hear what I say right? 2009 – not 2019. 2009. that’s 11 years ago! 

Despite its flaws, it is one of the most popular and successful shounen Anime that has ever existed. And this has got me thinking – why now? In those 11 years, why haven’t we seen a single game so far?

I mean, newer popular animes like My Hero Academia and Black Clover already received titles. Well, it turns out that Fairy Tail actually did have 4 games already. These are action RPGs on the Playstation Portable and the Nintendo DS. So how come we never heard of these? That’s most likely because they never got localized in the west. And let’s do everything. We finally have this game on the current-gen console!! 

The game starts you off at the end of Tenrou Island where the main characters are fighting Hades, the guild leader of the strongest dark guild Grimoire Heart. In comparison, this is about episode 117 of the original anime and chapter 241 of the original manga. After this battle, a dark dragon is summoned and in order to protect against the attacks, the main characters get sealed away by a protective spell. Several years later the group awakens to find that the world has completely changed. 

Fairy Tail used to be the strongest guild but has degraded to the weakest guild over time.  All the fame and respect they had – it’s all gone and it’s up to you now to rebuild this from scratch! You can form your own party and take quests from the recruitment board to earn money and renown and the more renown you have the higher your guild ranking will be and the more story progression you unlock.

Aside from the main story and side quests, there are character stories that focus on the 16 playable characters and their personalities. Finally, there are community services missions where characters can ask for specific materials. These materials are by no means rare, however, and more often than not you can just hand the question right after accepting. 

The world itself is split up in two towns and a bunch of areas where monsters roam. The towns look bland and do not really feel alive, especially at the start of the game. As you progress and unlock more playable characters, you will actually find these characters hanging out in the towns, so it’ll at least seem a little bit livelier. But it doesn’t change the fact that there’s no one to really talk to, no buildings you can really enter, and no secrets to find. I mean, not being able to talk to NPC’s is one thing, but the NPC models are overused to the extent that you often see multiple of them in the same street! Luckily you won’t be roaming the streets too much while playing the game, but it does feel like a missed opportunity. 

Also, while running around in these towns you can notice your FPS drop significantly at times and being able to walk through some NPCs – they call this clipping. Koei Tecmo did reach out to me saying that they are aware of these issues and that they are working on a day 1 patch to resolve this. 

So if all goes well by the time this review is online the issue shouldn’t be there anymore. The areas with monsters are linear and have set spawn points for items and monsters. Fast traveling in this game is actually great! After you complete a request you. Instantly get the option to warp back to the guild to hand it in. Warping there or to other areas is seamless more often than not I didn’t even experience any loading times. 

Now, while you do often return to areas for quests, the area doesn’t really change other than adding specific quest monsters or NPCs. As the story progresses the monsters get replaced with stronger variants so it doesn’t feel like you’re going back to a low-level zone or anything.

Another perk of revisiting zones is that you may be strong enough to unlock side paths or hidden loot chests. Each zone has a bunch of obstacles that can be destroyed if you do enough damage in a battle near it.

At the start of the game, this can still be a bit tricky as you don’t have that many spells or combos yet, but after the Grand Magic Games story arc you will unlock something called a “Link Hunt”.A Link Hunt allows you to gather all monsters in the area and fight them as one big pack. 

This is very risky because they do get quite a bit stronger too, but it does make it easy to start battles near these obstacles and it also makes grinding for materials a lot quicker. Now, let’s talk combat. The game has a turn-based combat system and the battlefield is shaped in a 3 by 3 grid the different ability.


The Fairy Tail game is basically a Japanese game. The game was composed by Hero Mashima. No one was able to finish the game. This game is fun to play. The game keeps everyone happy.

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  1. Amazing game, I love fairytail in anime, and my favorite character is natsu and lucy I’m glad they make a game like this.

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