Cost for business insurance general liability

A policy for small business companies is a must need. Though a small business owner has the crisis to make it out for the lack of available assets or money, the policy should cover the most extensive loss that may occur during the running of the business. The cost for business insurance general liability that insurance is depends based on the client’s profession, the number of employees, age, assets, annual income, business portfolio, etc. 

These factors influence the cost and help one secure the best combination of price and protection for a unique business situation. The national average monthly cost for business insurance is an annual business insurance policy ranges from $25-$75. For progressive, it ranges from $40-$100. We include a chart to identify the cost for business insurance policy depending on various factors.

Policies Cost Ranges Average cost
Business Owners’ Policy $80-$95 $85
General Liability $50-$65 $55
Professional Liability $45-$55 $50
Workers’ Compensation $80-$95 $85

Factors affect the cost for business insurance

Several factors have been discussed that increase or decrease the business insurance general liability cost. The elements are generally the types of business, number of employees, and coverage that a business needs. What factors get some discussion below-

Types of business

Most business cost for business insurance carriers for the types of business insurance for small business that a small business owner holds. The more risk types generate higher costs. Contractors-based businesses have a higher risk. Household-based businesses have lesser risk. You should take Professional services and consultancy to learn different kinds of risks and the time they need.

Number of employees 

It defines the exposure of the company. The more employees, the more risk hence require more cost for business insurance. More employee business orientations expect to pay more for insurance because their potential for claims is higher than a business with fewer employees. More employees need more worker compensation, and it adds to the cost of business insurance.


The more coverage that a business needs, the more cost it should pay. Content is not limited to specific terms and conditions. Those who want to cover all the business must have to pay more money for securing the enterprise. These coverage are so detailed to minimize the cost for the owner’s specific needs, affecting your final rate. Besides these three factors, every small business owner is familiar with other factors that can affect business insurance costs which are including:

  • Asset
  • Location of business
  • Machinery used
  • Time in business


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