You can get the best iPhone games of 2020 and you can download today in any style you like. If you have a new or upgraded iPhone, or if you already have a tired iPhone, you will be thrilled to know that you can revolutionize it and turn it into the best console of all.

That’s why the iPhone is undoubtedly the home of revolutionary multi-touch inventions, the precursor of the mobile gaming revolution and the porting of popular arcade titles. Most phones today are powerful and powerful handheld consoles. 

Reviews of the best iPhone games of 2020

This summary includes the best iPhone games of 2020. Divided into categories, you can go to top racers, puzzle games, adventures, platforms and more. Check regularly and try the latest games to make sure you are there for hours.

Peak’s Edge 

Peak Edge complements the increasingly influential iPhone sub-genre. It is Show box’s turn-based strategy game. Here your little pyramid revolves around individual levels of the screen with the aim of forgetting the enemies and achieving your goals. 

Graphics: Much of the strategy lies in various power-ups scattered all over the place. Switching to one of them will apply to that side of the pyramid. To defeat an enemy, you need to get the correct bearing before attacking. Peak’s Edge is easy to access and it quickly becomes apparent that it is difficult to learn. And with procedurally generated levels, 25 skills, and 30 different armor, much will be revealed. It’s free to play, but consider it a premium game because the IAP intrusion removes the title from your ads and unlocks the unlimited cancellations you’ll need for the best experience.


Starbeard are a race of space gnomes who try to protect their gardens from aliens that look a lot like garden pests. But to hit them you must use your brain, not the arm with the sword, because Starbeard is a puzzle. 

Graphics: You can only move items at the bottom of each column, and your main character’s position on the grid is key to spotting errors. However, its attacks are based on actions that are only available if you fully load certain items. In this way, Starbeard gives you more than your average gemstone comparer, forcing you to think a few steps ahead; And the strategy required by the game settings ensures that overcoming these bad mistakes depends on your brain, not the dexterity of your fingers.

Maze Machina |best iPhone games of 2020

This game sees you like a mouse in a maze. Sadly, this is not a final card structure with cheese, but a robot created by testing its own mini-mess. One goal is to get in and then get out. But each tile in a four-by-four grid serves as a power supply. When you swipe to move, follow all the other movements in the grid. 

Graphics: So you need to devise a strategy to reach your goal, avoid being driven by a robot with small knives and avoid exploding a key with a bomb. Each game feels like a new challenge with unlimited combinations. But slide-based mechanics make it worthwhile. It’s a great strategy that shrinks dramatically in smaller spaces and fewer games.

P1 Select

The P1 Select is a dungeon crawler with a twin. The lower half of the screen is a regular maze with walls, monsters, gadgets, and an exit. The top half has a player select grid. As you navigate the maze (step by step), the players’ choice changes accordingly. That means applying it lightly. 

Graphics: First of all, P1 Select is a fun brick-and-mortar game. Despite the fact that the game has only nine screens, reaching the end seems a daunting task. At some point, you have to click. You will learn how to fire monsters and improve the interaction between players. Then you can work on improving your strategy. It is important that your high score is actually the average of your recent runs. Thoughtful things mean so much better.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance 

This is the latest entry in a major tower defense series. As always, resources are used to buy towers at residents who stop the flow of rivals. You have to try again after your defeat. Twist, at least from a narrative standpoint, you are a villain. The wizen wizard has plenty of time, and now he is assaulted, attacking his numis. I don’t know how this can be achieved through tower defense, however, video games

Graphics: They are visually smarter, at different levels, as well as special techniques for separating heroes and special powers. It’s very tactile on the iPhone, and behind some towers and heroic gates of the IAP, any fan of the genre should immediately release revenge.

Euclidean Skies | best iPhone games of 2020

Euclidean Skys iOS takes the classic Euclidean Land rear structure and pushes it to the limit. Descend into floating structures like the Rubik’s Cube and proceed in a twist-based way, attacking nearby enemies like a chessboard. 

Graphics: Manipulating the landscape was as important as the instructions in the next step. But in the sky, the ground itself is drawn toward the rubble. This means that the elegance of the original silent watch has been replaced by a sort of head-tightening chaos. To create a path, you are given the task of recreating the landscape, relaxing the spine of a giant monster, or switching between multiple doors simultaneously. It’s a challenging task, but very rewarding. Still, you can play the game with one touch on a small screen, but with iCloud sync, you can always choose where you left off on your iPad.

F1 Manager | best iPhone games of 2020

The Formula 1 World Championship is one of the biggest racing unions, and when you never get a chance to face one of these mighty machines, the F1 manager gives you the power to manage your team. . provide. 

Graphics: Develop a peat stop strategy, decide whether to take the lead or take the lead in the last lap, and recruit and level real F1 drivers. It looks great and plays nicely, but note that it has items to sell so close your account if you are controlling a child.

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom | best iPhone games of 2020

While his games have not made a lasting impression on his longtime rival Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog is still a topic of discussion, thanks to his recent film adaptations. 

Graphics: Sonic Boom is an endless runner in the genre of games like Temple Run, and is truly the most natural remedy for everyone’s favorite hedgehog. You will play Sonic characters from the recently released popular Sonic Boom TV show including Sonic, Tails, Amy, Shadow and more.

War Tortoise 2

This is a kind of challenge. It pays off as a useless shooter, but it’s not entirely accurate. By loading your water, you defeat the bad guys who get close, make money, defeat them and buy followers. A small army slowly moved to the next area and dodged the attack. 

Graphics: The controls slide your finger easily to move your gaze and the pilot will fire automatically. Upgrade your turtle weapons and coaches, upgrade your army to improve your skills and move forward. There are also some cool graphic details, like raindrops coming on the screen when it rains. Waste of time.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The latest Animal Crossing game speeds up the Internet, but you don’t need a Nintendo Switch to experience the magic. Animal Crossing: Pocket camp is a great way to get out of pocket. Create your own small camp by customizing the design, collecting items from daily challenges and annual events. 

Graphics: Want to create a theme park, music festival or an amazing gaming site? You can, and you can do it in an active setting. There are a lot of micro-transactions available in the mobile game, so this is not the best game for those who are trying to spend more. But if that’s not the case, then this is a great way to pass the time.

Alto’s Odyssey

With a beautiful and artistic design, rich and pleasant sound, this brings to the gaming world a sea world. You will join a lalamus breeder named Alato on his snowboard as he races through mountainous areas around the world. 

Graphics: The game has a challenging system and excellent characters to unlock, making it fun every time you load it up. Also, in Zen mode, you can land on the highest mountains in the distance without losing points from crashes. You can practice your jumps in beautiful, dynamic weather and light, and blend in with some of the most haunting music you’ve ever heard.


Graphics: A fun fighting style and challenging puzzles with colorful graphics. This adventure looks like a console RPG title. When you play it with an MFI game controller, it’s easy to forget that you also play mobile games, that’s great. It has a long history, which means it will keep you entertained for hours. Also, it is a universal application that allows you to play this title on the big screen with Apple TV, which I highly recommend.

The Witness 

If you are looking for a fun and beautifully designed open world game, this is a great choice for any gamer. You wake up on a passionate island without knowing where you are or who you are. 

Graphics: The only way for you to find the island around you and find the real cause of your trap. More than 500 puzzles to find and solve and a huge island to discover, Witness will keep you entertained.

Into the Dead 2

Dead 2 first improves on every aspect of the game and offers a powerful and immersive gameplay experience. Instead of being an endless runner where you only compete for the top score, the game has added some descriptive and some progress to the running and shooting gameplay. The story is relatively simple: you play a man named James, who gets into a car accident in the middle of the road, trying to get his wife Helen and daughter Maggie back. Of course, James, right now. The corpse is equipped, so you can safely run it and shoot at it. With a pistol, a walkie-talkie, and an intense desire to return home, James escaped the mob. 

Graphics: It can be a very simple story, this voice acting is amazingly done, and as I played this story, I found myself busy taking James back into my family. The whole gameplay hasn’t changed much since the first game, which is more of a blessing than a curse. You’ll automatically pass through a forest full of zombies and have to move left and right to survive, or tap the screen to fire your weapons.

With more storytelling and significant progress in the game, zombie runners love to play and breathe fresh air. The visuals and sounds are great, and the game works really well in twisting the tension and weird tone. Overall, Dead 2 is a great experience. Whether you’re a fan of the first installment or new to the game, enjoy the hours.


What do you get when you meet the king of an imaginary kingdom? An amazing sadistic adventure game Reigns. Rule the king of kings and swipe left or right to make a decision. In more interesting ways it always leads to premature death. You will find a way to break the curse and repeat your life over and over again, and you will have to balance the needs of the kingdom with the needs of the church, the army and greed. 

Graphics: The first playthrough may seem a bit difficult, but there is good news. In this game you can become queen instead of king and play different game of thrones. They are all great so choose yours!

Old Man’s Journey 

Journey to Older Man is an independent game studio point-and-click adventure game called Broken Rule, one of my favorites in 2020. 

Graphics: You will find it to be visually stunning. The hand-drawn visual graphics are simply amazing and the details that the developers put into every character, animal, or object that they see on screen add a heart and soul to the game. Another feature of the Old Man Journey is the story. The beautiful storyline is structured so that the protagonist does not tell it throughout the game, and still feels deeply emotional.


Traveling for some time, it’s a very beautiful and popular game. On your journey you will find an ancient and mysterious world full of ruins and a silent hero wandering in the sand. Ultimately, your goal is to discover the many secrets hidden in this mysterious country, which is a journey to reach your destination. 

Graphics: You can play the game alone or with other travelers in online games. This is one of the most highly regarded games and definitely fits for your time. Please check it by all means.

Battleheart 2

Battleheart 2 is the sequel to the most popular iPhone role-playing game in history. Battle Heart 2 continues the tradition of fast-paced combat between monsters and teams of heroes against dangerous creatures with reflective tests. 

Graphics: What sets it apart from other role-playing games such as this is the combat system. In addition to alternate wars, wars take place in real time. Drag the paths on the screen to control your character and tap on them to activate your character. You must type to attack her or your colleagues. You have to tap to attack them. There are a lot of loot, skills, and classes to unlock, and the levels get harder over time. You don’t want to miss this classic if you’re an RPG fanatic.


Do you enjoy RPG and puzzle games? Then this is your right partner. In Groundstone, you play the role of a brutal savage character who has to pass a herd of monsters to reach the exit. To get there, you have to fight your way through the monsters by lining up the colored monsters. 

Graphics: This will also increase your attack power (for every monster you kill in that lane), overcome some obstacles, and defeat difficult enemies. When you get at least 10 or more lines, you will create rainbow gems that can be attached to any color so you have more chance of combos. The game will open. You can also take a turn, save yourself or accelerate your attack.

Skate City

Skating City is another title from the developer of Alto Odyssey. Skate City has a side scrolling orientation and intuitive touch controls. 

Graphics: This is useful not only for touch screen gaming, but also for the feeling of playing on a miniature skateboard. Touch to continue and drag to perform different turns and movements. If you are traveling on a rail, there are buttons on the screen that allow you to balance and work together before eating virtual cement.

Roundguard best iPhone games of 2020

What do you get when you combine RPG with classic Peggy gameplay? Round guard, that’s it. Roundguard is a mashup of addiction and RPG. Choose from each of the three hero classes, each with its own unique playstyle and skills. You have a warrior, a bat and a table. Warriors are perfect for melee attacks and personal turbulence attacks, thugs are perfect for stealing and biting enemies, with only powerful nuclear weapons sitting at the table. The class you choose determines the statistics. At each level, start the selected hero from the top and bounce off the mixture of pots and monsters. 

Graphics: There are many achievements that remove enemies from the scene, but they hurt you. Skill use is respected and if killed you will lose some HP. Fortunately, there are signs of health and respect at some levels, but you need to jump back to enjoy the benefits. Release all enemies and see how far you can go before moving on to the next stage!

Sayonara Wildhearts best iPhone games of 2020

New game from Annapurna- Sayonara Wildhearts, and it is sure to make you happy. In Sayonara Wildhearts, you take on the role of a heroine who embarks on a wild motorcycle journey through the cityscapes of dreams. 

Graphics: You have to make music, collect hearts and fight some of the competitors you want to get your hands on. The game is full of gorgeous colors, the music is fun and quirky, and the controls are easy to learn, but the unique mashup gameplay is engaging and worth repeating.


I have reviewed some games for it, and was pleasantly surprised! There’s something for everyone, and it’s worth a try (even during a free monthly trial). Here are some of my favorites right now.

I hope my writing about the best iPhone games of 2020 will be helpful for you!

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